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What's the deal with Turkey Trots?

Chances are you're either participating in one or you know someone who is...Turkey Trots. It's how everyone is earning their Thanksgiving feast Thursday morning.


  1.  AAA: 46 million Americans will travel for Thanksgiving
  2.  Customers come 'home' to Larry's Market for Thanksgiving meals
  3.  Hunger Task Force, Brewers team up to collect holiday food
  4.  Multiple crews respond to fire at Northwestern Mutual building
  5.  Tonight at 10:00: Wasting Away
  6.  Thanksgiving travel rush begins
  7.  Highway 45 reopens at Zoo Interchange
  8.  Change in winter parking rules aims at easing headaches
  9.  NBA Commissioner meets with Bucks owners to talk new arena
  10.  Ferguson protesters fill Madison streets
  11.  Mother, basketball coach both charged over sexual contact with 12 year old
  12.  Second federal lawsuit filed in MPD strip search scandal
  13.  Protesters take to streets one day after Ferguson grand jury decision
  14.  Michael Brown Sr.'s church burned in Ferguson
  15.  Chief Flynn: 'We will be prepared' for protests
  16.  Missing 78-year-old Milwaukee woman found safe
  17.  70,000 more pages of Walker documents released
  18.  Report: Wisconsin runways see 20 close calls per year
  19.  State Rep. Kramer sentenced to 5 months in jail over sex assault charges
  20.  Time to hit the slopes
  21.  Snow, ice cover streets in area counties
  22.  Sheriff: Officer involved in fatal Wisconsin crash
  23.  Elite firefighters rescue workers trapped on power plant stack
  24.  EXCLUSIVE: Family of 5 year-old girl killed in Milwaukee speaks
  25.  Hamilton family reacts in wake of Ferguson decision
  26.  Child taken from mother for 6 months
  1.  First Human Ebola Vaccine Trial Shows It Seems to Work
  2.  Man Caught With Guns and Crossbows at JFK Airport
  3.  94-Year-Old Caught With Guns and Crossbows at JFK Airport
  4.  Donors Give $130K to Bakery Trashed in Ferguson Unrest
  5.  Texas Police Officer Kills Suspect After Chase
  6.  Say Cheese! Obama Pardons Turkey From 'Delicious Fate'
  7.  Fetch! Dogs May Understand More Than You Think
  8.  'Tragic Event': Video Shows Cop Shoot 12-Year-Old Within Seconds
  9.  Space Surprise! DNA Survives Trip on a Rocket's Surface
  10.  Shopping for Holiday Savings? Try These Four Apps
  11.  Cops Threatening Tear Gas Break Up St. Louis Protest
  12.  Thanksgiving Storm Threatens Travel Plans for Millions
  13.  Mystery of 'Vampire' Burials in Poland Is Solved
  14.  Obama Pardons Turkey From 'Terrible and Delicious Fate'
  15.  Does Our Energy Future Lie in Batteries Made of Clay?
  16.  How Far Is the 'Eye of Sauron'? Astronomers Find Out
  17.  Twitter to Track Which Apps Its Users Download: Re/Code
  18.  Woolly Mammoth Skeleton Sells for $300,000
  19.  Famed Restaurateur B. Smith Reported Missing: Police
  20.  Calling It Quits: American Smoking Hits 50-Year Low

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