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Thriving paper industry proves there is more to Green Bay than the Packers

CREATED Nov 8, 2013

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GREEN BAY - There are many industries in Green Bay, including one that is woven right into the fabric of this fine city.

"We've had paper mills (in Green Bay) for a number of years," said Mike Kawleski of George Pacific. "There's a long history."

Paper mills have been churning out product for more than a century in the Green Bay area. The environment is ideal.

"There's access to timber (to make the paper) and to water which is used in the processing of the pulp."

Georgia Pacific first came to the 'Green Bay' scene in the year 2000, nearly a hundred years after one of the mills it acquired first started running.

Northern Tissue started in 1901, employing 25 men and shipping 800 tons of paper. The main product: sanitary tissue.

"It was was sheets of toilet tissue," Kawleski explained. "The Northern Bath Tissue is one of the few 100-year-old brands in the U.S."

Some of the old ads in the 20's and 30's touted the product as 'splinter free.'

"We touch people's lives every day and hopefully that's a positive experience," Kalweski joked.

Through the decades some paper mills in the area have consolidated and others have changed their product, but according to Kawleski the industry is intertwined into the community.

"(The paper industry) amounts to a lot of different jobs in Green Bay," he said. "Suppliers, vendors, etc."