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The Little Red Store

CREATED Sep 12, 2013

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  • Live anthem. Soo good. Goosebumps. Tx Tosa West! -Jodi Becker

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  • Ohhhhh yes! @crankyals in Tosa -Jodi Becker

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WAUWATOSA - The Little Red Store is the oldest commercial building in Wauwatosa.  

"It was the social center of the village," Little Red Store chairman Ken Loeffel told me.  "A medical doctor built it nearly 160 years ago."
The store, which sits near the railroad tracks, quickly became Tosa's first railroad depot store.
"The store owner sold tickets to passengers going either to Milwaukee or Prairie du Chien," Loeffel said.  "He was also one of the first postmasters."
This quaint old building has held many jobs: blacksmith shop, harness shop, electrical shop.
"Now we use it as a visitor's center," said Loeffel.  "Bridal showers, baby showers, and even cribbage tournaments (take place here).
Loefel is proud to know the old store still gets used.
"It's a part of Americana," he said.  "It's a part of history in Wauwatosa."