Dirty or Clean Dining?

Health inspectors blanket Summerfest food providers

CREATED Jul 4, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Summerfest is all about the music and eating!  

Here's how health inspectors make sure vendors are serving up nothing but the best for The Big Gig.

It means a lot of temperature checks and questions.  City of Milwaukee health inspectors visit every vendor, every day, during Summerfest's
11-day run.

"We just kind of go through and do really quick checks. We look for the critical violations. The hand washing the food temperatures, cross contamination," inspector Julie Hults points out.

At Rupena's, the daily checks are welcomed because following health guidelines is the same, no matter where they're serving up their famous chickens.

"We do it every day any ways," owner Maria Rupena Karczewski tells us. "We're freaks about being clean.  Oh my goodness."

Over at Major Goolsby's, they're getting the lunch menu ready.  There's a lot of bacon in the fryer!  

Even though they've been doing Summerfest almost since the beginning, each year brings new challenges.  

"We're dealing with new employees every year that have to be trained, and they're school teachers and students," owner Pat Murphy says.  

But Murphy appreciates the constant presence of the health department, because it keeps everyone on their toes.

If you plan to partake in a good meal or two in these final days of Summerfest, Hults says to feel good about this.  

"We're here a lot, and we're checking a lot."

Vendors actually do well during the "Big Gig."  Health inspectors have not found any big food safety violations this year.