Violent Femmes reuniting at Summerfest

CREATED Jun 25, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - The Violent Femmes sat down with our Annie Scholz and talked about hitting the stage at Summerfest

Annie Scholz: How does it feel to be home?

Victor DeLorenzo: "Spiritually it's our home because the band formed here. So, it's always nice to come back to a place you think you've been appreciated."

Annie Scholz: 30 plus years together, what do you think it is about your music that's resonated with so many generations?

Brian Ritchie: "Musically, because we never really fit in. We never sounded, even when we started, we didn't sound like we belonged in that time and we've never sounded like any time that we've survived through. So, between the lyrics and the music having this timeless or always out of time feeling to it, that's probably the reason why we survive and still have some sort of credibility."

Gordon Gano: "I remember somebody saying ‘you're my perfect 80s band.’ Somebody else I heard say ‘you're my favorite 90's band.’ And I guess it could go further than that, but also there's a joy in music. There's an energy in the music that I think is something that has connected them with other generations."

Annie Scholz: Does the feeling ever change when you take the stage?"

Brian Ritchie: "When you see those people out there, and you see them and they're anticipation of what's about to hit them, it's just fantastic to be able to deliver that."

The band is slated to perform their first album, start to finish.