Man celebrates anniversary of surviving Summerfest heart attack

CREATED Jun 25, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Among this happy crowd, you're likely to find someone marking an anniversary or maybe a birthday. One guy's celebrating both. It's the anniversary of the day he nearly died right here, and now he calls this the day he got a new life.

The memory of the day comes rushing back as Larry Bilda returns to Summerfest.
"I became lethargic and [had] cold sweats," said Bilda.
Paramedics rushed to help.
"They threw me in their ambulance, got me to St. Mary's where I flatlined. Twenty minutes without a heart beat and no brain damage, at least I don't think so. (laughs)," said Bilda.
Bilda, his wife and friends went to the first aid tent today.
"Due to the wonders of modern medicine nowadays, I'm back today. Finding the emergency tent with the air conditioning was where I thought I could settle down and maybe this would pass, well 17 days later, it did pass," said Bilda.
Bilda decided to return today and buy pizzas for the firefighters at the first aid tent to show his appreciation.