Local band excited to kick off Summerfest

CREATED Jun 25, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - If you grew up in Milwaukee, you likely dreamt of playing on the Summerfest stage someday. That dream became a reality Wednesday for four local guys.

Drew Ingle is the lead singer of the band Ourmada. He says, "It's pretty exciting, and especially to be the first band everybody sees when they come in."

Ourmada is a foursome of guys who grew up going to Summerfest. 

"It's awesome, it's the thing people come all around the world from to Milwaukee" Drew exclaims.

The band kicked things off Wednesday at noon on the Miller Lite Oasis stage. Drew says the band's goal is getting back to basics.

“Kind of, putting a little more of the fun, edgy ,dangerous part of it back into rock and roll, and I think we've been missing that past few years."

The crowd seemed to like it.  Crowd members we talked to said, “They’re really good.  Rock on!”

For other local bands who dream of playing on the Summerfest stage, Drew has some advice about nerves.

"I get real excited for shows like this.  The nervous part is already done, when we found out about the show,” Drew says.

After that, just let the music do the talking.