A cool start to the Big Gig

CREATED Jun 25, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Summerfest is usually the unofficial start to summer weather, but here in Milwaukee, summer hasn't really started yet. 

Tank tops and shorts have been replaced by jeans and sweatshirts, as a cool fog sits over the Summerfest grounds.

Katie Allar came down with her two kids. She says, "Yeah, we just brought sweatshirts and whatever, to keep us warm."

She likes the cool breeze. "It's kinda nice to not be boiling, and you know, coming down here sweating, so it's not too bad."

Mary Stepaniuk and her daughter plan to make it a long day. 

"Yup, til tonight, midnight," she laughs.

But even though the sun isn't shining, these fest fans are ready to have a good time.

Katie explains, "It’s something to do,something to get out of the house, kids can run around a little bit and listen to some music.  There's a lot of kids stuff for us to see and do.”