Gardeners warn fair-goers to watch where you sit

CREATED Aug 1, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug 1, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - State Fair starts Thursday morning. There are the animals, there are the rides in spin city, and of course all the food.

One thing that may go un-noticed all the plants in the planters around the fair. They're actually picked for a reason and have meaning.

At the core of state fair is a celebration of the state's agriculture. Jill Albanese is the woman behind all the flowers, and she has a plea: don't abuse them!

"A lot of our fair-goers sit on our plants and it kind of crushes the flower crew," said Albanese. "So if you can, be nice to our plants, don't sit on them."

There are 70 new food items, and plenty of place to sit while you eat things like deep fried pepperjack & bacon macaroni and cheese on-a-stick at Catfish Johnny's.