Ben Sherman

Residence: Mukwonago
Personal File: Married, one dog
Joined WTMJ: 1995
Did You Know: Ben has interviewed celebrities Paul McCartney, Dan Quayle, Mayor Richard Daley, Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, Bill Gates, Joe DiMaggio and Hulk Hogan throughout his career.

Ben has been in radio since 1974 when he was a "disc jockey" for his high school station in Flossmoor, Illinois. Ben's radio jobs have taken him around the country to stations in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, California and Wisconsin over the past quarter century. While the radio "itch" has always been with him, his interest in information technology has led him to management positions with Fortune 500 companies since 1994. "Who could ask for a better life?", he says, "I get to work with leading edge technology during the week and fulfill my radio passion on the weekend."

Ben's hobbies are fine wine, boating, Jazz and movies. He is a graduate of Loyola University.