Greg Matzek

POSITION: Sports Anchor WWMN Sunday Edition; Co-Host Wisconsin Sports Weekend
GREW UP: Brookfield, WI (Lancer class of ‘96)
RESIDES: Milwaukee

Greg has been a member of the WTMJ family since 2001.  Perhaps Greg’s greatest accomplishment in his years in radio was polishing off a 6 pound cheeseburger in 3 hours (that’s 24 quarter pounders with cheese for those keeping score at home).  If Greg looks at all familiar, it may be because you watched him as a cast member on ESPN’s “Beg, Borrow and Deal2“ (  TV series.

Having grown up in Brookfield, WI, Greg graduated from UW-Oshkosh where he was a 3-time All-American in Track and Field and WIAC Scholar-Athlete of the year in 2000. When not at work, you can find Greg running, playing golf (need a 4th…seriously, you need one?), at the WAC, watching college hoops, travelling, trying to conquer a house project that is waaaay over his head, tailgating before game or concert, or knocking back a few Black & Tans at an outdoor establishment.

You and Greg might be similar people - Here’s what he digs: Live Music, tailgating, St. Patty's Day, the NCAA tournament, opening day, 78 degrees, long weekend trips, hitting 3 green lights in a row, making others laugh, being in a precarious situation and coming out better off than when I started, fresh mozzarella, the smell of freshly cut grass, Favre, Boulder, Austin, Madison, Munich, Austria, doing things for other people, HDTV, the Wii, darts after 3 beers, Ms. Pac Man, cooking, eating, landscaping, watches, track and field, little league baseball.