Charles Woodson. | Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Charles Woodson. | Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Super Bowl Frenzy: Super Thoughts

Packers Postgame from Dallas

To me, live postgame coverage is like riding a surfboard.  You just react to the next wave.

So to me, here are the best comments from our 90 minutes on the air:

Charles Woodson throwing confetti in the air, then saying in our camera to tell the President that the Pack is coming.

Nick Collins son Nicholas jumping across a line on the field pretending he was his dad.

Cullen Jenkins getting tears in his eyes when I asked him if he's thought that this might be his last game in Green Bay because his contract is up.

Steve Young telling me that he guided Aaron Rodgers through a very difficult time replacing a legend, with Young comparing his situation with Joe Montana to Aaron's with Brett Favre and adding that the Packers are like the 92 Cowboys.  Nobody had heard of them until they beat the Niners.  And then they won three titles in four years.

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