Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Super Bowl Frenzy: Rodgers' Brother Says 'He's Ready For This'

By Jodi Becker

MILWAUKEE - "He's ready for this.  He's been preparing his whole life," said Aaron Rodgers little brother Jordan.

He says that he and his family will probably be more nervous than the Packers quarterback come Sunday's big game.

"My parents are probably going to be 10 times more nervous."

What does Rodgers do to stay calm before game day?

He plays video games or guitar.

"Last month, he was strumming a little bit, and it sounded really good.  I'm sure he does that a lot.  Kind of takes his mind off of (football)."

Jordan Rodgers says it's still strange to believe his brother is going to the Super Bowl.

"It's surreal.  It really is.  I'm sure it will sink in when I think about all the preparation my brother has gone through, all the times he's dreamt about this moment.  I'm extremely excited for him, extremely proud."

The reason it's so mind blowing is that Jordan's a QB, too.

He leads the team at Vanderbilt University, and he teases his brother about their differences.

"He's the second fastest quarterback in the Rodgers family," claimed Jordan.

He says the uniqueunique situation has led to a unique bond.

"He loves, and I love it as well, talking football.  We see it exactly the same.  We understand it exactly the same.  It's something that only he and I understand fully.  We're brothers first.  We can talk about anything, but definitely it's a little special to talk about football together."

So would he want to mimic the Manning brothers and join Aaron in the NFL?

"That's my dream.  I'd love to do that, but it's one step at a time and I've got two years left here at Vanderbilt and I'm going to work my butt off to try and get there."

Jordan says his brother's humility and ability to handle the spotlight under pressure have been an example for life off the field. 

On the field?

"His footwork and his eyes are so good to manipulate a defense.  It's something I love to watch," Jordan says.

We love to watch it too, especially this Sunday.