Why America is Rooting for the Packers

By Dan O'Donnell

ESPN's Rick Reilly has written an amazing column in which he argues that everyone in America--except Pittsburghians, of course--should root for the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.  In short, he argues, they represent all that is right with professional sports:


You root for the Packers in this Super Bowl because Green Bay is the last little town to keep its team. You want it for Decatur, Ill., which lost its team to Chicago, and Portsmouth, Ohio, which lost its to Detroit, and Pottsville. Pa., which lost its to Boston. You root for the Packers for the same reason you root for Roberto Benigni to win the Oscar or Buster Douglas to win the fight. It's right.


You root for the Packers in this Super Bowl because it's more than just Green Bay's football team. It's the blood in their veins and the asphalt under their tires. They drive down Lombardi Avenue. They speed down Holmgren Way. They park on Reggie White Way. They learn at Vince Lombardi Elementary and daydream of starring at Lambeau Field. And if they lose Sunday, there will be a line to jump off Ray Nitschke Bridge.


I myself root for the Packers because I couldn't imagine (or even stomach) rooting for any other team.  I root for the Packers because they are me, us, Wisconsin; a small town David struggling against a world of Goliaths.  I root for the Packers because it's in my blood.  It's in my veins, my very soul.  Go Pack Go!