Mark Tauscher. | Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Mark Tauscher. | Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Super Bowl Frenzy: Tauscher Comes From Competitive Family

By Jodi Becker

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MILWAUKEE - A father of a Super Bowl-bound Packers player says that after watching his son play in the NFL play for 11 years, the Super Bowl experience is surreal.

"Very much so.  Thrilled and pleased for him," said Denny Tauscher about his son Mark, a tackle with the Green Bay Packers.

This football thing between the two's been going on a while.

"It's a very unique situation."

Denny is a sportswriter in northern Wisconsin.

Mark was born and raised in Auburndale,  and he played for the Wisconsin Badgers before heading to Titletown.

Denny has seen his son play in everything from two Rose Bowls to this year's NFC Championship game, but he doesn't interview him in the locker room afterward.

"I've got to be a little more careful," said Denny.

He explained that Packers Nation should know one thing about Mark.

"He's got a true love for Wisconsin sports and he follows it all very closely.  He's a Wisconsin man through and through.

When the dad and three sons play games in the yard, Mark - all 320-pounds of him - is a wide receiver.

"He certainly is.  He can move out there."

Don't think the other brothers take it easy on the Packers offensive lineman.

"Absolutely pure brutality," Denny explained.

He says his boys are some of the most competitive people he knows, and he admitted, that includes him, too.

"Are you kidding me?  If I got a chance to go after him, I'll tackle him."

He says it started early with practicing in the yard the day before Tauscher's high school games.

"You've got to beat me if you want to be able to beat that guy across from you tomorrow."

Tauscher says the competition continues at family get-togethers, whether it's sports, trivia games or the all-Wisconsin game, Sheepshead.

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