Super Bowl 45: Behind The Scenes, Day 1

By Greg Matzek

The Monday of Super Bowl week is essentially the calm before the storm...but "calm" is a relative term. If you can call 500 media members on radio row "calm" then that's what this is. By Thursday, however, this place will be jam packed to the gills with media members galore.

As for my natural time slot on Wisconsin's Morning News, the only recognizable national media types working radio at 5:00am this morning was CNNSi's Peter King (doing a show for NFL Sirius Satellite Radio) and Steve Czaban of The Sporting News Radio (man is that guy loud!).

My day started off a bit rough in that my media credential wasn't ready at 4:30am and I wasn't allowed into the media auditorium. So I did what any savvy go-getter would do: I found a different entrance and lied. I look nothing like Peter King, but I noticed his name on a list and claimed to be him for the purposes of entry. It worked. Wish I could say the same for the Internet. In a bitter twist of irony, radio row event is sponsored by Motorola and their Internet is about as reliable as three-day old sushi.

I digress...

Anybody who wonders how stations end up with the random collection of guests on the air at events like this should first consider one thing: there is no event remotely close to this. The Super Bowl is not only a place for media, past and present NFL players, and celebrities, but it's also a vehicle for promotion. Given this, there are more than a handful of sports marketing agencies promoting their roster of "talent". Click here to see what I'm referencing. Pretty sure I'm gonna latch on to the guy from 'Monk'.

Oh...just as I'm typing this, I received a release explaining the media availability for Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker...pretty sure I'm gonna try to book something with her (for on the radio).

Both the Steelers and Packers arrive today. The Steelers have already landed and begun their media session, while the Packers have been delayed along the way and are expected to arrive about :45 minutes later than their scheduled 3:30pm arrival.

The Packers will be addressing the media about 5:15 this'll hear the good stuff played back on the air at 620 WTMJ, and, but as part of my daily duties, I'll make sure to keep you updated with what transpires behind the scenes.

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