It's Cuban vs. Caron, Steelers Vs. Packers

Mavericks Divided in Dallas

By Lance Allan

It's by far the most hilarious thing we've done. We're interviewing the Mavericks Caron Butler, when a sweaty workout warrior with a towel around his neck drops by.

It's Mavs Owner Mark Cuban.

Now what makes this really good is that the Racine native Butler, is a die hard Packers fan...while the Billionaire Boss Cuban, is a Pittsburgh native and hard core Steelers fan.
Let the trash talk begin...from Cuban saying "Who signs your checks" and "What team did you used to play for," to Caron saying he'll watch the Super Bowl from Cuban's luxury suite and put a picture of Cuban wearing a cheesehead when, not if, the Packers win...this is the best story we've done in the Big D so far. 
Click on the video link for a big time laugh!