Mike McCarthy. | Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Mike McCarthy. | Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Super Bowl Frenzy: Packers Finally Hit Practice Field

By Michelle Richards and Jay Sorgi

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GREEN BAY - After four days of strategy meetings, analyzing film, and other administrative tasks, Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy was finally ready to put the team on the practice field on Friday to prepare for an opponent that was his favorite team as a kid.

"We're very excited to start on the field preparation today and get ready to get into the Steelers prep, and make sure that when we get down to Dallas, we're ready to go and to bring the Lombardi trophy back home," McCarthy told Newsradio 620 WTMJ's "Wisconsin's Morning News."

The head coach grew up in Pittsburgh and has fond memories of watching Terry Bradshaw, who was the Steelers' quarterback, win championships when McCarthy was young.

"Personally, just to be there with Terry, just growing up in the city of Pittsburgh with all the successes, the championship teams, with Terry Bradshaw at the helm with the four Super Bowls, it was kind of neat."

It's McCarthy's first Super Bowl appearance as head coach, and it's more special because he's facing the team he grew up supporting.

"It's exciting for our family to, first of all, be in the Super Bowl; it's the first time for everybody.  Also being from Pittsburgh, there's definitely an added inspiration to this whole thing."

However, he's not letting childhood sentimentality or all the distractions a Super Bowl can bring get in the way of his preparation.

"This is about winning football games; everybody clearly understands what's at stake.  I'm a Green Bay Packer and very proud to be and looking forward to leading us to the championship."

The Packers arrive in Dallas on Monday afternoon. 

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