Super Bowl Frenzy: Party Supplier Busy

By Jay Olstad

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NEW BERLIN - As fans get ready for their Super Bowl parties, there is one local company trying to keep up with all their orders.

"This is great for sales and the entire party industry," said Terry Rowinski, Chief Operating Officer for BuySeasons Inc.

For most of us, the Super Bowl is one big party, which is perhaps why, BuySeasons Incorporated is working over time.

Besides selling costumes for Halloween and other occasions, the New Berlin company sells party supplies'.

"We are sold out of almost all the Packers and Steelers stuff. We should have another shipment coming into tomorrow and probably Monday," said Sean Clark, Vice President of Merchandise.

All their Super Bowl banners, plates, balloons, you name it, have been literally rolling off the line like never before.

"Sunday and Monday we sold more product of the Packers and the Steelers than we did both Super Bowl teams all last year," he said.

Here's another staggering statistic: compared to this time last year, their party supplies have increased a 1,000 percent.

In short, business is good.

And Rowinski says the extra week between the championship games and the Super Bowl is actually helping business.

"It helps us get back into stock and frankly gives people additional time to plan their parties," said Rowinski.

And at the same time, fans have helped a local company get a big win of their own.

'It's very good business," said Clark.

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