Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Super Bowl Frenzy: Woodson Tells Obama 'See You At The White House'

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GREEN BAY, Wis. (AP) -- Green Bay Packers cornerback Charles Woodson said he got on President Barack Obama's bandwagon a few years ago. So as far as Woodson is concerned, there's no reason the world's best-known Chicago Bears fan can't back the rival Packers in the Super Bowl.

Obama was in Wisconsin to give a speech on the economy Wednesday, and was given a Packers jersey signed by Woodson with the message, "See you at the White House. Go Packers."

Obama had said he would attend the Super Bowl if his favorite team made it. Instead, the Packers beat the Bears on Sunday -- and presumably would make the Super Bowl winner's traditional visit to the White House if they beat Pittsburgh in the Feb. 6 game.

Woodson said he voted for Obama, and jokingly suggested that meant the President owed it to him to back the Packers.

"I jumped on his bandwagon a couple years ago and voted for him," Woodson said. "So for him to only go to the Super Bowl because Chicago's there, I thought it's not fair to me. I'm a voter, I'm a taxpayer. So I wanted him to root for the Packers as well."

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