Super Bowl Frenzy: Cheeseheads In Demand

By Jay Sorgi

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ST. FRANCIS - Since the Green Bay Packers made Super Bowl XLV, the original maker of cheeseheads has been flooded with orders.

Foamation, based in St. Francis, has had a huge influx of requests from the traditional cheesehead to the cowboy hat version, especially appropriate with the Super Bowl being held in Dallas.

"All across the country, even outside the country, we are shipping anywhere and everywhere," said Nick Richards of Foamation in an interview with TODAY'S TMJ4's Diane Pathieu during "Live at Daybreak."

Richards explained that from the end of the NFC Championship Game to the start of the next business day, the company took more than 500 orders.

"We actually had to double our staff.  We've been shipping them out by the semi-load every day."

Richards loves the business and exposure Foamation is receiving, but he realizes things could go off the charts if the Packers beat Pittsburgh on February 6th.

"It's been an absolute blast.  We couldn't be happier, other than if the Packers won."

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