<b>Super Bowl Frenzy:</b> Creative Ways To Get Tickets


Super Bowl Frenzy: Creative Ways To Get Tickets

By Charles Benson

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MILWAUKEE - Packers fans are coming up with some creative ways to get tickets.

The old fashion way used to be to hold up a sign outside the stadium.

But these days you need to be far more creative for the hottest ticket in the state.

Barb Smith thought about what she would trade for a Super Bowl ticket.

"My husband," laughs Smith. "No, I'm just kidding."

But people on Craigslist are willing to wheel and deal for a chance to see the Packers in Super Bowl 45.

A guy in Greendale will trade you his 1979 Corvette for four tickets. Another is offering cash and his Green Bay house across from Lambeau for a weekend.

Todd Sain is a huge Packers fan in Dallas. He'll put you up for a week at his place for two tickets. He wants to go real bad.

"So far I haven't had any bites on it," Sain told TODAYSTMJ4 Reporter Charles Benson, "but I'm still hopeful." 

Ron Poole didn't hesitate about what he would trade
"My car," said Poole. "in a heart beat."

Chuck Dykstra would love to take his son but he might need to be more creative.

"I've got a Brett Favre signed Super Bowl ball," said Dykstra

Another guy on Craigslist was appealing to the sympathy sale. He says his father has cancer and he'd sure like to take him for a reasonable price.

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