<b>Super Bowl Frenzy:</b> Packers' Hotel Gets Ready


Super Bowl Frenzy: Packers' Hotel Gets Ready

By Jay Sorgi

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DALLAS - Preparations are underway for the Packers' team hotel in Dallas as Green Bay is getting ready for the Super Bowl. 

The process of getting ready for the Packers has been at least two years, according to the hotel's GM, Andrew Casperson. 

"The contract was in place about two or three years, ago, but we really started gearing up, probably, a year ago, when we sent two of our folks down to Miami (site of Super Bowl XLIV) to kind of oversee how the NFC team hotel is working down there," said Casperson.

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"We started doing our homework about a year ago."

They're bringing in an additional 100 workers and managers.

"Extra labor to help out for the event itself," explained Casperson, whose hotel has hosted other NFL teams during the Dallas Cowboys season.

They're also cooking a lot more food than normal.

"Some of these players are probably going to eat a lot more than your normal business traveler."

And yes, for the Packers, that includes cheese.

"We anticipate a lot more than probably if the other team (Bears) made it," claimed Casperson.

His hotel is even making extra preparations for a Packers victory party following the Super Bowl.

"We have to prepare for a team that going to win the Super Bowl, so it's everything from when the team arrives to the party that's potentially going to be thrown after the game itself."

They also have to prepare for the huge steps involved in take care of security for a Super Bowl team, but with lots of NFL help.

"They have it down to a science.  They know what they need, and they do a great job, whether it be the organizing of when the buses are coming and going or everything else."

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