Packers Photo:  Let Them In!


Packers Photo: Let Them In!

If They Played, Take Their Picture

By Lance Allan

During the lull before Super Bowl week, I'll admit that there are a lot of stories that are trumped up and hype because there isn't a lot to talk about. But this is legitimate, and for a Packers organization that usually handles things the right way, they should correct a mistake. Nick Barnett and Jermichael Finley tweeted their frustration about being left out of the Super Bowl photo, all because they were on injured reserve. Come to find out, at least at this point, all 16 players on injured reserve will not be in the team Super Bowl photo in Dallas. I feel bad for Mark Tauscher, a Wisconsin native who's played his whole career for his home state team, living a dream few get to do, representing the team with class and the honor. And waiting 11 years to go to his first big game, he won't get to have visual proof he was there with his teammates. Barnett is one of the longest tenured Packers, drafted in 2003. And Finley made significant contributions until he got hurt early. I didn't realize until Gary Ellerson brought up this great point...years down the road, if someone is signing Super Bowl memorabilia, that retired athlete might miss out on revenue because they wouldn't be on the photo...therefore, fewer people would ask them to sign it. Now I can understand if someone never played a snap, and got hurt in training camp...then the organization would have the right to say you don't belong in the photo. But even if you played in a game, like Ryan Grant...or dare I even say Justin least you played. And you deserve to have your glimpse of Super Bowl glory. I'd love your opinions at

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