Super Bowl XLV: Titletown vs. Six-burgh

By Jeff Falconio

By now the euphoria of the NFC Championship has subsided a little bit and it's time to focus on the matter at hand: Super Bowl XLV.  And this one is already a classic.  The franchise with the most NFL championships against the franchise with the most Super Bowl titles.


Curly Lambeau and Art Rooney in a chess match.


Two years ago when the Steelers won their sixth Super Bowl many were calling them the best franchise in the NFL.  Pittsburgh had some of the most loyal fans in the NFL, a long-time philosophy centered around physical players on both sides of the ball, and a franchise quarterback just entering his prime.


Around that same time the Packers were heading down the same path with the trade of Brett Favre and the switch to the 3-4 defense.  Certainly there were some transitional bumps as the Packers unleashed the same 3-4 the Steelers have run for years.  It took a year to get the right players in the system and when that happened the results were, well, super.


So Super Bowl XLV will be a matchup of familiar styles.  Pittsburgh is a little deeper at running back and a little weaker at cornerback but the similarities are there.  Both have a franchise quarterbacks that excel when on the move.  Both are young and deep at wide receiver while injuries have thinned out the offensive lines.  And of course there's the 3-4.  Most importantly, both teams are white hot.  Pittsburgh has won eight of their last nine while the Packers have taken six of their last eight.


All the pieces are in place and it should translate into a classic Super Bowl between two classic franchises.