Super Bowl Frenzy: Ticket Scam Strikes Waukesha County

By Jay Olstad

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MILWAUKEE - It's the latest example of a Super Bowl sized swindle.

A Waukesha woman thought she found a deal online for the Packers-Bears NFC Championship game.

According to the Town of Brookfield Police report, she found four tickets for $500 on Craigslist. All she had to do was send a money order to London, England.

She sent the money, but the supposed seller never sent the tickets.

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"If someone asks for a money order or it's a Craigslist deal they want to meet you somewhere, those are red flags," said John Lamoreaux, President with Ticket King. "The prices are really high, that brings the scammers out."

Lamoreaux says if you search for a super deal for the Super Bowl, there are two things you need to know.

"Number one, always use a credit card. There are consumer protection laws in place for people who use a credit card," he said.

Number two: buy tickets in the State of Wisconsin, because then you have the power of the State Attorney General's office behind you.

Lamoreaux says this time of year is a scammers dream in a market that is described as the wild west.

"It's unregulated. The ticket market is a free market system, it's a buying and selling free market prices," he said.

Which means, the bigger the game, the greater the risk.

"It's a bigger ticket, so that's a bigger catch for them."

The bottom line: if it's too good to be true, it probably is.

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