<b>Super Bowl Frenzy:</b> 45 Ways To Win Super Bowl XLV, Ways V-VIII


Super Bowl Frenzy: 45 Ways To Win Super Bowl XLV, Ways V-VIII

By Jay Sorgi

Next game: February 6th at Super Bowl XLV vs. Pittsburgh
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MILWAUKEE - With the 45th edition of the biggest sporting event in the world - well, America at least, and the Green Bay Packers playing in it for the first time in 13 seasons, it's a reality that most people connected to this organization - and almost everyone on the team - have never played in this game.

So perhaps some tips are in order to help the team.

Nearly every day until kickoff of Super Bowl XLV, we'll give you part of our list of 45 ways for the Packers to win the biggest of big games.

V: Get most of your preparation for the game done this week.
This week, you're in Green Bay.  Next week, you won't be.

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It's not like this week won't have its share of distractions, but it's nothing like what you'll face next week in North Texas.

This is your time to get the game plan in, the film study, the one-on-one research that you need to do to get ready. 

Normally, most teams going into the Super Bowl implement 90 to 95% of their game plan before they take the flight to the Super Bowl site.

That time should be review.  It's just like a college student prepping for a final.  They should get most of their learning done early, so that the final week of studying is just review, it's rote knowledge, and much more easily implementable.

VI: Get your emotional rest after an emotional rivalry game.
Now is the time to chill.

You've just gone through a roller-coaster game against your archrival in the biggest, most emotional championship game any Packers team has probably ever faced since the Ice Bowl and the pressures of winning a 3rd straight NFL title.

Do things that relax you.  Enjoy quiet music.  Nap on your Tuesday day off.  Get a lot of sleep.

Bank it, in fact, because the pressure of a Super Bowl can create sleepless nights, especially when you're at the game site.

Help it get you relaxed as you prepare for the big one.

VII: Aaron Rodgers, do what got you here, and know you can score off Pittsburgh.  You did it before.
Yes, Aaron, you've had a subpar championship game - no TD passes against Chicago, and two interceptions against the Bears.

You're facing a defense that statistically is better than Chicago.

But, the two previous games in the playoffs, you owned Philadelphia and Atlanta.

And last year, in Pittsburgh, you had one of your banner games which reminded the football world that you have come to play.

To the tune of 405 total yards (383 passing, 22 rushing) and 4 total scores (3 passing, 1 on the ground).

Yes, it was one of those games where the team that scored last won, and Pittsburgh did - on the final play.

But you know you can beat these guys and beat that best defense in the league to a pulp.

Just do what you and this spectacular offense does best.

VIII: Know what Troy Polamalu can do, and that he can do what he wants.
Pittsburgh defensive Samson (the dude with the hair) is one of those rare defensive players who has such an understanding of football that he can deviate from the game plan.

His smarts and skill, learned over years in the NFL, allows him to sense a play happening and go right to the necessary point of attack, whether it's a blitz or deep coverage.

Rodgers, offensive game planners, you must account for that.

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