Call 4 Action: Packers Fever Scams


Call 4 Action: Packers Fever Scams

By Karen Stiles

Could you fall victim to a Packers fever scam?  Let's hope not. 

But, during these exciting times, you really need to be on your guard for all kinds of rip-offs and scams.

What kind of scams should we watch out for?

Scam artists know how bad many of us want to attend the Super Bowl, or if nothing else, get our hands on some awesome, Packers merchandise.

Unfortunately, they may try to prey on our emotions by targeting us with:
•    "Too good to be true" ticket and travel package scams
•    Bogus contests for Super Bowl  tickets or packages
•    Merchandise offers that never materialize

How do we know if these offers or contests are for real?

•    Before you act on anything, make sure that you know exactly what you are getting, at what cost, and from whom.

Be particularly careful of offers that are coming from out of state.

If you are not absolutely sure that the offer is legitimate, check things out with a reputable local source. 

Do not just trust what is listed in a letter or online.

•    Watch out for deals that are both ridiculously cheap or very expensive.
•    Watch out for offers or notifications that are vague, have fuzzy graphics, or grammatical or spelling errors.

If you suspect that you have been targeted by a scam, what can you do?

Most importantly, do not provide credit card or other personal information, nor wire or send money, until you can verify that the offer is legitimate.

However, if you think you got scammed, contact consumer agencies immediately to report the problem and ask for help. 

If you used a credit or debit card, you might also be able to get help from your bank or card issuer.