Destination: Dallas!

By Jeff Falconio

One of the great movie characters of all-time, Gordon Gekko, once said "It's ugly times ugly...and that's when the ugly get going."  Over the course of the 2010 NFL season the Packers had cornered the market on winning ugly.  Now the Pack are Super Bowl bound.


Even after building a 14-0 lead you knew the Bears would eventually get back in it.  As the second quarter wound down the feeling was if the Packers offense could extend that 14 point lead Chicago simply wouldn't have enough firepower to get back in it.  This became even more apparent when Jay Cutler was on the sidelines in the second half with a knee injury.  But sure enough Brian Urlacher comes up with a goal line interception and Chicago was able to hang around.


Then the previously-unknown Caleb Hanie leads Chicago to a touchdown early in the fourth quarter and suddenly it's a one score game.  After the Rodgers interception the Packers punted on five straight possessions.  To put it another way, it was ugly times ugly.


And the Packers defense knows how to win ugly.  B.J. Raji's earth-shaking interception return seemed to seal the deal but that pesky Hanie came back with a four play scoring drive.  One score game again.  No life from the offense.  Time for the ugly to get going.  47 seconds left and Sam Shields steps up with his second interception of the day.


Three turnovers, two sacks, and two broken quarterbacks.  Chicago was never able to play their game because Matt Forte was bottled up and Devin Hester was neutralized.  The Packers may be a one-dimensional offense but they certainly aren't a one-dimensional team.  When the offense sputters you need the defense and special teams to carry the day.  And those two units carried the Packers all the way to Dallas.