<b>Super Bowl Frenzy:</b> Our Experts Predict


Super Bowl Frenzy: Our Experts Predict

By Jay Sorgi

Next game: Today at Super Bowl XLV vs. Pittsburgh
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Packers vs. Steelers.

They are the most storied franchises in each respective conference.

They have a combined 19 world championships, the most of any Super Bowl matchup.

They've won more than 20% of the previous Super Bowls.

Who takes home the silver hardware with Coach Lombardi's name on it, the most coveted trophy in American team sports?

Our Experts tell you what they think, and scroll down for a few guest expert opinions..

Super Bowl XLV - Packers vs. Steelers: Our Experts

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Lance Allan

Sports Anchor and Reporter,
Packers Gameday
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Glance with Lance

The RB's running and blocking. 
Blitz pickups from the running backs to keep Aaron Rodgers upright. Because if he has time to throw, he will light up the Steelers back end on the fast track of Cowboys Stadium.

The running game needs to be more about attempts than yards, just to keep the Steelers honest.

Bring Big Ben Roethlisberger down.
When the Packers lost to the Steelers 37-36 last year, the Pack sacked Big Ben 5 times. But they could have sacked him 5 more. Don't bite on his pump fakes, and no shoulder tackles. Big Ben is a playmaker, a big dude who makes guys miss. And the Packers can't let Rashard Mendenhall and the Pittsburgh offense keep the ball away and win the time of possession battle.

Green Bay 27,
Pittsburgh 24
I really can't see this being a blowout. And despite the Packers lack of experience in the big game, they are the hotter team.

Remember, I blogged after the Packers-Vikings game that this team had "Super" potential. I think they prove it on Sunday.

Jay Sorgi
Reporter, Packers
Gameday and
Packers Blogger,



James, Jordy and neutralizing Harrison and Head-and-Shoulders Boy. 
Aaron Rodgers is perhaps the NFL's best quarterback when it comes to beating a blitz.  As amazing as the Steelers' defense is with stars like James Harrison, it's predicated on a blitz scheme that Rodgers has seen approximately 120 days this year in practice, and he should be able to beat it.  How?  Big days from James Jones and Jordy Nelson against the  Steelers' DB's.  A huge matchup advantage for Green Bay, especially if you spread the field to take away Polamalu's ability to roam.



You must finish - in multiple ways. 
1) You must tackle.  You must not just get to the 6' 5", 260-ish pound Ben Roethlisberger, but you must get his body on the turf.  (Last year, you left five sacks on the field.)  Same thing with getting Mendenhall and the runners on the ground.  It's one thing to hit them, but they're tough.  You must do more - you have to finish your tackles.  Fundamental, but not easy against this team.
2) In three of your five consecutive must-win victories, the defense has delivered late with turnovers from a clutch secondary.  Against Big Ben, a guy who knows how to win key games in the late stretches, you may be needed again.



Green Bay 27,
Pittsburgh 24.
I swear that I am not copying Lance's final score on purpose.  I just believe these teams have enough offensive firepower to make this a near-shootout, though not as much as their December 2009 matchup.  And I'm even calling how it will end - a score delivered on the arm or feet of Aaron Rodgers in the final minute, not giving Big Ben enough time to respond, winning what could be one of the best Super Bowls ever.

Guest Opinions (in alphabetical order)

Tom Barrett

Mayor, City of Milwaukee



Green Bay 27, Pittsburgh 21.
"The Green Bay Packers are going to win on Sunday."

Editor's note: He's watching it with a Bears fan, President Obama.

Ryan Braun

Outfielder, Milwaukee Brewers



Green Bay 35, Pittsburgh 21.
"Aaron Rodgers, Super Bowl MVP."

Jim Irwin

Voice of the Packers, 1969-98
(right, pictured with late broadcast partner and friend Max McGee)



Green Bay 31, Pittsburgh 28.
"Everybody expects this to be a defensive battle, with two really good defensive teams facing each other, but that might be overlooking the offense.  I think the offense will figure it out, especially since they've had two weeks to work on it.  I think it's going to be a higher scoring game than most believe."

Archbishop Jerome Listecki

Archdiocese of Milwaukee



Green Bay 17, Pittsburgh 14.
"I think with two great defensive teams, it should be a wonderful defensive struggle."

David Maraniss

Author, "When Pride Still Mattered" (about  Vince  Lombardi)



Green Bay 31, Pittsburgh 21.
One thing I like is big old B.J. pounding their backup center.  I also hope they outthink Troy Polamalu and get him out of position." 

"The old coach in the sky told me (the score)."

Jim Schmitt

Mayor, City of Green Bay

Green Bay 30's-ish, Pittsburgh 20's-ish.
"The Packers will win this game.  They're going to get in the 30's.  Pittsburgh will get into the 20's.  I think it's going to be an awesome game."

Scott Walker

Governor, State of  Wisconsin



Green Bay 28, Pittsburgh 24.
"The Lombardi Trophy belongs at Lambeau Field, and that's where it's going to be after Sunday."

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