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The Clark Howard Show

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Clark Howard is a leading consumer advocate and host of "The Clark Howard Show." American business is riding a euphoric high, but with good times come the bad, specifically unscrupulous souls who prey upon unwitting consumers and are looking for an opening to bilk, swindle or entrap. Howard knows who they are and what they can do to honest, hard-working citizens.

"Once armed with the right information and a plan of action, people will discover they have the power to make things right," says Howard. "They just need a little encouragement."

After retiring from his successful chain of travel agencies in 1987, Clark was asked to give advice about inexpensive travel on an Atlanta radio program. His guest appearances were so popular that he was hired to do a full time show.

Providing help and encouragement to embattled consumers is a way of life for Howard, who spreads the gospel of consumer rights every weekday on 620 WTMJ.

"The best thing I do for those people who take the time to listen is to practice what I preach," says Howard.

The Clark Howard Show airs weekdays from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. on 620 WTMJ. Listeners can pose their consumer questions on the show's toll-free hotline at :
1-877-87-CLARK... 1-877-872-5275.
For more information, check out Clark's Web site at

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