Wisconsin's representatives weigh in on Syrian crisis

CREATED Sep 2, 2013 - UPDATED: Sep 2, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Members of Congress are getting regular briefings from the President on what's going on in Syria. The images from Syria are hard to look at; men, women and children seriously injured, possibly from sarin gas from their own leader. 

Representative Mark Pocan was recently near the Syrian border, "It's unfortunately a volatile area." 
Representative Gwen Moore said in a statement, "The atrocious acts President Assad has committed against his people are a direct violation of human rights and a threat to our international peace."
Wisconsin's Congressional delegation is cautious about getting involved militarily, especially after faulty intelligence led to the invasion in Iraq.  All Members of Congress agree they are glad they will have a say.
"I want to see what evidence they have that the Assad regime did in fact deploy chemical weapons against its own people," said Rep. Ron Kind. 
Senator Ron Johnson explains that he is pleased the president is asking for congressional authorization, and admits he doesn't know how he's going to vote, "The President says Syria "presents a serious danger to our national security."  He must explain what this danger is, and how his plan would reduce it."
"Weigh more options than a military response.  At this point, I'm not convinced what the President wants to do is proper," said Rep. Pocan. 
Representative Kind argues the U.S. needs partners if there is any kind of military action.
"It's important to act unilaterally.  We need support within the international community.  We can't be seen as doing this alone," Kind said.