Authorities warn of thin ice dangers

CREATED Dec. 16, 2013

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BEAVER DAM - Authorities are warning about the dangers of thin ice after a series of accidents over the weekend.

A Lake Mills Woman died after her sled broke through the ice. Another man was hurt on Lake Winnebago.
In a third incident, new Dodge County Deputy Taylor Nehls helped save a man's life. He said Fox Lake Officer Mitch Wegner arrived first on the scene.
The two discovered the man standing on a submerged ATV. His head was barely above the waterline.
Deputy Nehls said the man may not be alive had Officer Wegner not been so prepared.
"Luckily, he had all the right equipment from the thermal imaging camera, to the flotation device, without him being there, it could have been a very different story," Nehls said.
After several tries, the two helped pull the man from the water.
He was arrested for driving his ATV while intoxicated.