Wrong-way driver crashes on I-894

CREATED Apr 30, 2014 - UPDATED: Apr 30, 2014

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GREENFIELD - A driver, with her baby in her car, barely avoided being hit by a wrong-way driver in Milwaukee County.

But the alleged drunk driver did hit a dump truck with enough force to spin it around. Just think about that. A little Nissan Altima weighs about 3-thousand pounds. It was going so fast Tuesday night, it was able to move a 25-thousand pound dump truck.  Deputies say it's lucky he didn't hit that mom and her baby.

It's hard to believe anyone walked away from this accident, but the driver suffered only minor injuries.
"It was totally mangled, I mean you could barely recognize it was a car," said Andre Lewis.
Andre Lewis saw the aftermath, pulled over and snapped these photos. That car had just pulled out of a tavern around 11:30pm. 
His wrong way run didn't get very far. Deputies say as Felipe Arriaga left Mad Dog Saloon, he jumped on the freeway off ramp right here at south 76th Street.
Arriaga has no prior OWI's. His exact blood alcohol is not yet known. The driver of the dump truck was not hurt. Wrong way accidents hit close to home for Lewis. Two years ago, his friend's dad nearly died in one.
"Basically he was going over the Hoan Bridge and he never saw her coming. Her lights weren't on and she ran right into him. so he barely survived," said Lewis.
Since then, Lewis carries a camera wherever he goes.
"I just keep an extra eye out because I know it happens all the time and I've seen plenty of drunken drivers. I've called them in, but you just gotta be careful," said Lewis.
Arriaga faces three counts of recklessly endangering safety, as well as possession of marijuana. The penalty for all that is much higher than an OWI and could land him in prison for up to 30 years.