Wrong-way driver asks deputy if her photo will be 'in the newspaper'

CREATED Jun 30, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Before sunset on Saturday night, a Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office deputy came to a stop on Highway 145 as a wrong-way driver zoomed by.

The deputy drove to the other side of the highway and caught up to the driver.
Squad car dash video captured the incident.
"Stop your car," the deputy is heard yelling over the squad car public address speaker.  "Stop your car.  Stop your car."
After the pursuit ends, the deputy and driver are heard off camera.
"I didn't realize what I was doing," the driver says.
The deputy responds, "you didn't see me with my lights on?"
"Yeah, I did, but I didn't realize," the driver says.
"I had my lights on because you almost hit me," the deputy responds.
Minutes later, the deputy cuts the roadside sobriety tests short when the driver struggles to follow directions.
Another deputy tells the driver she blew a .235 in an initial breathalyzer test.
The driver asks, "is that good or is that bad?"
"It's a little high," the deputy answers.
In fact, .235 is nearly three times the .08 legal limit.  
44-year-old Lisa Doss of Sussex is in custody for her first OWI.
From the backseat of the squad car, Doss asks, "are they going to take my picture here and post it in the newspaper or anything like that or no?"
"They book you in," the deputy replies.
"They don't put it in the newspaper or anything like that?  Because, I don't need that," Doss says.
Doss was in custody at the Milwaukee County Jail on Monday, awaiting her first court appearance.