Workers, students roll with dip in temperatures

CREATED Jan 6, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 6, 2014

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The sub-zero temperatures are making things uncomfortable for the few who had to return to work today. For many, this is their first day back at work this year. For others, they just rolled with the "dip" in temperatures.

At the Broken Yolk, a downtown Milwaukee breakfast eatery, a group of construction workers prepared for a cold couple of hours outside.

"It's our foreman's call, but again we'll only be out a couple of hours and then inside,” said Gary Dymitrowicz, a construction worker. “I pity the guys who work outside, they'll have to go in every 10 minutes and warm up."

Others waiting for breakfast on their way to work said survival comes in extra layers.

"Got on my long johns, my boots, my sweater... so it's not so bad," said Katina Bell, an employee.

At the Petitt Ice Center, where dedicated runners enjoyed the renovated indoor track, away from the harsh wind, employees are used to the chill.

"I just went outside and started the car and went to work…” said Mauri Miller. ”Same ole same ole."

At the Milwaukee School of Engineering, one of the few larger schools that remained open, students braced the winds to get from class to class. Many complained about it, but others just dealt with the bitter blow.

"Part of me is glad I don't have to make time up elsewhere but it does stink to walk through whatever negative weather it is,” said student Donovan Fasing. “Oh well!!!"