Woman who found bleached puppy in Fond du Lac speaks out

CREATED Feb 25, 2014 - UPDATED: Feb 25, 2014

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FOND DU LAC - No one had been charged as of Tuesday evening, but the story had certainly affected animal lovers from all parts of the state. It has especially upset the woman who made the discovery. 

At first, she thought the cries were from a newborn, but was just as disturbed when she found a puppy that was apparently left to die.  A new video posted on Facebook has brought smiles to faces. But just 48 hours ago, life wasn't so sweet for these rescued pups.

The Maplewood Commons Apartments became a crime scene when a woman heard whimpering sounds. Her boyfriend jumped into a dumpster and pulled out a bag.
"And he ripped it open and inside this big bag was a little tiny garbage bag with this little nose against it where it looked like it couldn't breathe.  And while he was here, the puppy started like foaming and stuff and spit up something that smelled like bleach," said the woman who wanted to remain anonymous.
She asked us to conceal her identity. She's still in shock why anyone would harm this defenseless animal.
"Well besides being really ill, he was cuddly and just wanted to be held. He didn't wanna walk by himself or get up or do anything, probably 'cause he was so sick," she said.
At the Fond du Lac Humane Society Tuesday, there was an overwhelming amount of support. People were calling and dropping off cash and dog food.
"I was very sad and it is very unbelievable that someone would do that, um, but hopefully it'll be taken care of," said Jen Schuett, one of the donors.
And donors just want to know how the puppies and adult dogs are doing. We're told one of the adults is receiving care in an isolated area here at the humane society.  The woman who saved their lives hopes for the best.
"Ya know, obviously that they get better and they're not ya know, mentally traumatized from this and they can be adopted out," she told us.