Witnesses shocked by fatal shooting in downtown Milwaukee

CREATED Apr 30, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - The heart of downtown Milwaukee turned into a major crime scene Wednesday afternoon. People who work in the area, and others just passing through, quickly became key witnesses.

“I was very scared,” says Jennifer Schoenrock. “I walked out of the Marcus Center and heard the five gunshots. I didn’t know what was going, or where the shots were coming from. I just knew they were really close, and I had to get out of there.”  

“I was in shock,” adds Velma Harris. “I couldn’t even move. My whole body was numb. I was so scared.”

The center of chaos was Red Arrow Park. Witnesses saw police surrounding a man on the ground.  Some watched from their office windows, others were just a few feet away.

“There were probably 50 cop cars in a matter of minutes,” Jennifer says.

“I walk through the park everyday going to and from work, so it’s really unsettling,” says James Schoenrock. “It’s also surprising. This is very unusual for this area.”

Still shaken-up, they just hope they never have to be caught in the middle of something like this ever again

“You never want stuff like this to happen,” James says. “This is horrible.”

Luckily, no innocent bystanders were hurt. Many of the witnesses really hope what happened doesn’t deter people from coming downtown.