Wisconsin runners eager to return to Boston

CREATED Apr 15, 2014

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MILWAUKEE – Lisa Martin is part of a group she never sought to join.

She was there.

The Glendale woman finished last year’s Boston Marathon not long before the bombs detonated.

“We walked right past [the area] like 5 or 10 minutes before it exploded," Martin explained.

Martin has a medal--and some dreadful memories she carries with her from that day.

"After everything happened, you keep track of all the injured people and see how they're doing, and see how their life's been in the last year,” Martin explained.

Still, after all the hardship, chaos, and loss, she's ready to return and run again.

“I'm absolutely going to go back. It never crossed my mind not to go back," she said.

Lisa's not alone.

Marquette professor Gary Krenz heard the blast and saw the smoke with his own eyes.

News reports this week brought back strong emotions from last year.

He's now focusing on the race ahead of him and the extra security along the course.

"There are no bags to the start, so whatever you're wearing there that you don't run with gets donated to charity."

Gary sees the precautions as a necessary evil.  He’s ready to return to the race route, but not sure how he’ll react once he’s there.

"I don't know what I'm going to feel,” Krenz said.

“I don't know whether it's going to be happy, sad, crying.  I don't know. You won't find out until you get there.”

Nearly 400 Wisconsin runners will take part in this year's Boston Marathon.