Wisconsin State Fair brings visitors from all parts of the country

CREATED Jul 30, 2014

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MILWAUKEE - Even though the State Fair gates don't open until Thursday morning, Bryce Alpers and his sister can't wait to get in.

"I love funnel cake, every year I have to have a funnel cake," says Alpers.

For the past 12 years he has made the trip with his family from Indianapolis to Milwaukee. The drive this year was a little longer than most.

"6 hours I think, 7 because of Chicago traffic, that was terrible."

When the family is not showing off their Clydesdales in the horse pavilion, Bryce and Bryee love to explore.

"We have the rides right there, we go get food and hang out at our stalls."

The rides, food and music draws people from near and far.

With less parking spots on site this year, those that live around the fairgrounds are prepping their lawns and backyards for the overflow. And at $10-20 a space, it's like Christmas in July and August.

"After we pay our taxes we pay for a new roof, capital improvements on the houses, use it for vacations," says homeowner Aaron Rooker.

"Most importantly it's fun. You sit on the porch, you people watch - its almost as good as being inside."