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State appeals court releases thousands of Walker aide documents

CREATED Feb 19, 2014 - UPDATED: Feb 19, 2014

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MADISON - 27,000 pages of e-mails were made public today. County prosecutors suggest a stronger link between Governor Scott Walker and a secret e-mail system used when he was the Milwaukee County Executive.

The e-mails were evidence in a John Doe investigation that led to the criminal convictions of six walker aides or supporters.

They detail a secret computer system that allowed Milwaukee County employees to do work for Walker's campaign for governor while on county time.
The documents and emails  open a door - some might say a secret door to what was going on inside the John Doe investigation and Scott Walker's County Executive Office while he was running for governor. 
The day before Scott Walker was elected to his new job as governor, county prosecutors were digging deeper into his soon to be old job. 
The lead investigator believed Walker knew staffers were using a secret e-mail system inside the County Executive Office.
Some emails raised their suspicion. A top aide wrote: "I use this private account quite a bit to communicate with SKW..." referring to Scott Walker.
There are lots of emails, most of them legal.  They show Walker, his county staff and campaign staff in constant communication with each other, exchanging lots of emails on their personal accounts.    
The law says there should be a wall of separation between the two - campaign work can not be done on taxpayer time. 
That's why Walker staffer Kelly Rindfleisch ended up charged. 
Rindfleisch was convicted of misconduct in office for doing campaign work for Lieutenant Governor candidate Brett Davis - not Walker.  
There's no smoking gun that suggests Walker approved or condoned the secret email system.
He was never charged with any wrong doing and says the emails were thoroughly scrutinized. 
"Everyone of those communication was reviewed by authorities, said Walker,   "so I am confident that they reviewed them and chose to act on the one they already made public and I don't think there will be any great surprises with what they already talked about it."