Winter weather causes lots of accidents on I-43

CREATED Dec 8, 2013

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MEQUON - There’s not much left of Tim Leonard’s car. He was driving on I-43 in almost white-out conditions Sunday. A semi was stopped right in front of him.

"I swerved to try to go around him,” remembers Leonard. “And it just clipped the side of my car and swung me around. Then another car came by and hit me on the other side."

His girlfriend and her parents were in the car behind Tim’s. They were all headed to brunch. Her dad, Anthony Bertram, saw what happened and tried to avoid the collision.

Bertram’s car hit a sign and swerved off the highway. Somehow, it managed to avoid hitting the guard rail. Then the car came to a final not-so-peaceful stop in a storm drain.

They were all a bit shaken up, but otherwise, okay.

"It’s not how we planned on spending our day," shares his wife Deborah Bertram.

Her husband hopes there will not be another first impressions like this one.

"I am so thankful. It could've been so much worse,” exclaims Tim’s girlfriend Grace. “Thankfully no one got hurt."

Both lanes on I-43 South are now back open. Earlier, there were pile ups of up to 60 cars all along the roads. But that's all been cleared up now.