Wind sends trash, debris flying from landfill

CREATED Feb 21, 2014 - UPDATED: Feb 21, 2014

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MENOMONEE FALLS -- In a day-long battle between man and nature, nature won.

Strong gusts took the trash from the top of the Orchard Ridge Landfill and littered the landscape nearby.

Trash flew through the air, causing issues for drivers.

"It got stuck on my antenna. I had to pull over,” explained Kelly Katona.

“I would avoid this road if you can."

Powerful winds lifted banners, bags, and paper, throwing them for at least a half mile.

Trees around the property acted as barriers for the neighborhood behind them.

Waste Management is the company tasked with collecting the garbage once again.

“When the extreme winds were predicted, we realized we might have a problem with litter,” said spokesperson Lynn Morgan.

Morgan tells TODAY’S TMJ4 steps were taken to snag any flying filth.  Perimeter fences caught a lot of it. 

With persistent winds, however, there's only so much you can do.

"The combination of those winds, coupled with the fact that people still needed to get rid of garbage today, meant we had a very difficult situation and it was very hard to avoid losing litter off the site," Morgan explained.

Waste Management will send a cleanup crew to the site Saturday morning, as long as the wind has died down.