Will the weather clear up for Summerfest?

CREATED Jun 23, 2014

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Summerfest starts Wednesday, and many are hoping the weather improves in time to enjoy the big gig.

Jenna Harer went to Summerfest last year and remembers how beautiful and sunny it was.

"I’m planning on going on Wednesday to see Ray LaMontagne,” explains Jenna Harer. “So I would really like it to be a nice evening and not too cold."

The weather on Monday didn’t look too promising. Out at the Summerfest grounds, crews pressure-washed, getting everything ready for the big day. Jenna hopes it's not a total washout.

"We’ll have rain gear for the couple of shows we want to see, but if it's really bad, we'll just go home," adds Harer.

Meanwhile, others like Mike and Mari Shelafoe have already made up their mind – they’re not going.

"Even if we were going, that gross weather is not really conducive to a fun time," says Mike Shelafoe.

Organizers say major music headliners like Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, and Luke Bryan will draw thousands of fans. Those who want a break from the music can hop a ride on a new attraction - a giant Ferris wheel. It runs from east to west and will offer amazing views of all the excitement below, including which food vendor to visit next.

"My husband I lived overseas for six years, so coming back, the Wisconsin food is something we really missed. I’m looking forward to enjoying some of those festival foods and things like that," adds Harer.

General admission for Summerfest is $18.  Tickets will cost $11 Tuesday through Friday before 4 p.m.  Seniors and kids get in for $6.  A three days pass will cost $42.