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Will the ACA work?

CREATED Dec. 12, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - Our experts stopped short of giving a straight yes or no answer on whether they believe the overall law change will work but they did give some insights into what the future could hold.  

Jon Peacock is the Research Director of the Wisconsin Council on Children & Families. He says he thinks the next six months will be bumpy for the Affordable Care Act.  
He compared it to the rough rollout of the Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit six or seven years ago.
"That's an extremely popular program now and I think, uh, eventually this will be too.  But I think that in a number of states, particularly states that maybe have been resisting the law, that uh, that there's gonna be some growing pains as we go along but I think ultimately, yes, it will be very successful."
Peacock says the public and private sectors will need to work together to make that happen.  
Another point of view, "We think there'll be some more, uh, unexpected changes coming down the road in 2014," says QTI Group Vice President and General Counsel Michael Gotzler.  
He told me the "unknowns" at this point are too big to know what the final results will be.
"There's some talk for example that the large employer pay or play mandate that we hear so much about and that employers have spent so much time planning for, which has been delayed a year, that that could possibly go away altogether.  At this point, that would not, uh, surprise us.  You know, we're not willing to predict that.  We're not willing to predict anything about, ah, the implementation of the Affordable Care Act."
Gotzler says with items that big still up in the air, they are recommending clients keep their ear to the ground in 2014.