Ozaukee County couple denied license after same-sex marriage ruling

CREATED Jun 9, 2014 - UPDATED: Jun 9, 2014

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OZAUKEE COUNTY - There’s confusion from county to county on whether same sex marriage licenses should be available.

A couple in Ozaukee County heard the news and were excited to get married but they sit empty handed.

Ozaukee County is one of 30 counties not issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples yet.

“We have been waiting so long, tired of the wait,” said Mickey Jones.

Mickey and Dawn Kittson rushed to Milwaukee County Saturday to get married. But the
Ozaukee County couple was told they can only get a marriage license from the county
they live in.

Ozaukee County isn’t handing out marriage licenses to same sex couples saying nothing has change yet.
“I’m very upset,” said Dawn Kittson, “because we want to get married now. We were talking about it all weekend.”

42 of Wisconsin's 72 counties are issuing marriage licenses to same sex couple even though the federal judge who ruled the ban was unconstitutional - says she never gave the green light for counties to issue licenses.

“A judge can tell me what to do, “said Dane County Clerk Scott McDonell, ‘the Attorney General can't tell me what to do and if we get something from a judge telling me to stop that's
exactly what we will do.”

Dane and Milwaukee counties have handed out hundreds of same sex marriage licenses despite legal questions over whether they can or can't.

“If there are hurdles, and I'm sure there will be, we're just going to keep pushing it,” said Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele.

All the confusion and inconsistency from county to county has Dawn's mother disappointed.

“It’s just unfair,” said Dawn’s mother Darlene Kittson. “I think every county should let them get married. They love each other. We love them.”

Late Monday night the ACLU, which has been involved in this case ask the federal judge to require state officials to let gay couples marry. But before there’s any clarity the judge will have to hold a hearing on the request.