Wet June means mosquitoes will be out in force

CREATED Jul 3, 2014 - UPDATED: Jul 3, 2014

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MILWAUKEE- June was the wettest month in more than a decade in Milwaukee. That means more standing water and more mosquitoes.

So, if you're going to be out watching fireworks, better do so with long sleeves and pants. Mosquitoes have people concerned about the upcoming, outdoor holiday weekend.

"When it was cool, it was not a problem, but now that the warmer weather has come, we are inundated," said Liz Tuma from Glendale.
Liz Tuma's getting ready for her backyard Fourth of July party.
"I'm buying citronella candles and a fogger for my yard because I live on the river and it is very wet and there are lots of mosquitoes," said Tuma.
Candles and fogger are good. Bug experts say so is anything containing DEET.
"Some of the lower ones would be ten to 15 percent. The family care products by Off are a little bit less on the DEET content," said Scott Ponfil, Ace Hardware in Glendale.
The higher the percentage of DEET, the better the results. Ponfil also likes Mosquito Beater for the lawn.
"It's a granule type of product that's supplied just out of a container, walk around like a big salt shaker and just sprinkle the area that you're gonna be entertaining," said Ponfil.
He says the granules are pet safe.  Other products that Ponfil recommends include the clip-on repellants and back yard foggers. For those who want a more natural remedy, what about dryer sheets tied to your pocket?  Ponfil hasn't heard of that, but he says he knows that some flowers seem to repel mosquitoes.
"About the only thing I've heard of, which would be an annual flower, would be a marigold. I've heard they're pretty effective," said Ponfil.
Along with the nuisance that mosquitoes cause our bodies, there's also the silent threat that they may be carriers of West Nile virus.  According to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, the state's had six cases of West Nile this year affecting birds, and one probable case to humans.