Weekend Honor Flight to carry more Korean War vets than WWII vets

CREATED Nov 1, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov 1, 2013

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MILWAUKEE - The mission is changing.

Honor Flight started as an organization that flew World War II vets to see their memorial in Washington.

Southeast Wisconsin responded, donating enough money to send a number of flights. This weekend's trip will be the local chapter's 20th.

Time was always critical. World War II vets are vanishing.

Two planes are flying out of Mitchell this weekend. And for the first time, there will be more Korean War vets on the flight than World War II vets. 142 Korean War vets are going out this weekend. 43 World War II vets are going.

In some ways, that's good news.

"Really, every World War II veteran that applied before we started filling this flight is on this flight," said Paula Nelson, Stars and Stripes Honor Flight Executive Director.

The waiting list for the greatest generation is finally nonexistent.

It means we've done a good job, we've flown the vets who are still with us.

But it's also a reminder that there aren't many members of the Greatest Generation still around, waiting to go.

There will be a homecoming at Mitchell International Saturday Night. The flights are scheduled to arrive around 8:30.