Weather doesn't slow down kids at Packers youth football camp

CREATED Jul 15, 2014

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GLENDALE -- It's never too early to start thinking Packers football and with this unseasonably cold weather, some kids are already taking advantage and kicking off their football season early.


The calendar may say July, but the scene at Nicolet High School and the thermometer beg to differ.

“It's colder, it's unusual. Like last year was probably like 95 around this time,” said 12-year-old Josh Dymond.

Dymond and more than 40 other kids between six and 14-years-old don’t mind the cool air because they’re at a Green Bay Packers Youth Football Camp. Their head coach, Antione Burns, thinks this is the perfect weather for camp.

“It's football weather, this is the type of weather you want it to be out here and a lot of kids were complaining about it being cold, but once they got out here and moving around and stuff, things worked out smoothly," he said.

During the week-long camp, the kids learn the tricks and techniques of the pros. Plus an entire section is dedicated to teaching the proper blocking and tackling technique to help prevent concussions in the future.

“You teach ‘em now, they know how to do it when they get into contact," Burns said. "A lot of these guys actually play contact football, so it's very important for us now to kind of teach them the proper ways to keep themselves healthy, because concussions can be dangerous.”

But they don’t just learn the moves, they get to meet Packers players from the past. Thirteen-year-old Tim Nelson has been going to the camp since he was seven and enjoys the camp’s scrimmages and meeting former Packers players.

“They bring their knowledge of what the NFL's like and stuff and how they got there, and then they just tell us what helped them get there and now what they're doing afterwards, and I think that's cool," he said.

Each day of the five-day camp the kids get to meet a different player. Green Bay Packers Linebacker John Anderson was the “Packers Camp Hero” Tuesday.

The Green Bay Packers Hall of Famer talked to the kids about the three “E's” they should follow: “Football is all about efforts you guys, you can overcome a lot of things just by sheer effort. Be excellent, the world is full of people who can be average. You guys should be thankful because you're pretty fortunate to be able to come to a place like this. So effort, excellence and the third e... here it comes, I know you don't want to hear this, education. You have that degree in your back pocket you guys... the world opens up to you.”

Additional camps are in Elm Grove and Madison next week, which are the last two of the season, because after that, Packers training camp begins. The camp lasts one week from 9 3 p.m., it costs $320 and there are payment plans available.