'We are one': Community gathers to remember Sikh temple shooting

CREATED Aug 5, 2014

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OAK CREEK - A candlelight vigil outside the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek Tuesday night marks two years since the shooting.

Names of the six people killed were read out loud as many in the audience held candles.

It's a symbol of how the Sikh community continues to shine a light on a very dark day for them and countless others touched by the tragedy.

The memories of those killed are not being remembered as victims, but as souls gone.

"Why we call it six souls is because they are the people who sacrificed their lives for this whole tragedy," said Rahul Dubey.

Dubey lost a man he considers his Godfather, Satwant Singh Kaleka. Since then they have tried to find good out of evil.

"There’s a lot of hatred outside.There's a lot of anger outside," said Dubey. "But we can fight back the injustice with love and kindness, and that’s what we’ve been doing the last two years."

There is one permanent reminder of that tragic day two years ago. It’s a bullet hole on a door jam inside the temple, and there’s a reason it's still there.   

"Beneath that hole is sign that reads; We are one, August 5, 2012. So we can not forget that," said Dubey.

In all six were killed and several were injured, including Punjab Singh, a visiting priest.  He requires around the clock care and communicates only by blinking his eyes.

"I've learned everything from him," said Punjab's son Raghuvinder Singh. "I’m pretty sure that he forgives."

Sikh temple members say they will never forget what happened here in 2012, but two years later, they are looking for more ways to look forward.